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Sing unto the LORD a New Song 

Praise ye the LORD. Sing unto the LORD a new song, And his praise in the congregation of saints (Psalm 149:1, KJV)

Singing is an integral part of praise. The LORD created us with the ability not only to communicate with Him but also to sing and praise Him with our songs. He goes further and tells us to “sing unto the LORD a new song.” 

There is a sound from heaven for each moment. There are times when the Lord will put a new song in our hearts to sing unto Him. We are accustomed to the familiar, and we find ourselves in our comfort zones by drawing from our old pool of songs to praise the LORD. We naturally will feel uncomfortable stepping into the new, to start praising the LORD with a new song. However, there is a tremendous blessing, power, and glory to be found when we sing a new song unto the LORD.

I know many of you will probably be thinking this new song means the latest releases from the many worship leaders the Lord has blessed us with. However, let me take you a little further. The new song first and foremost are songs that no one has ever sung. They are songs the Holy Spirit will put in your heart to sing to the LORD at a specific moment. It will be your song from the Lord at that instant. Some of the greatest songs which have been recorded are songs that the Lord gave the worshipper for the moment. If you are sensitive to the Spirit, He will begin to put new songs in your mouth as you worship the Lord. This is especially true when we pray and sing unto the Lord in tongues!


Do you think our human ability to sing is accidental? Why is the devil so much after the music industry in the world in general?


As you worship the Lord from today onwards, ask the Spirit to put a new song in your mouth for the moment. Remember this: there is a sound in heaven for every moment. It is our responsibility to catch the sound from heaven and sound it on the earth!


Ask the Lord to help you start picking up the songs He is putting in your heart to sing to the Father. 

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