Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read

Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: No one of these shall fail, None shall want her mate: For my mouth it hath commanded, And his spirit it hath gathered them (Isaiah 34:16 KJV)

Isaiah gave God’s unusual instruction to the people in the verse above, saying, “seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read.” The Lord commanded the people to get into “the book of the LORD” and to read what it says. This instruction to us will mean “search the Bible and read.”

The Lord has instructed us to get into His Book. He knows we will find answers to our questions in what He has revealed in the scriptures. He knows we will find solutions to life’s challenges in the pages of His book.

He wants us to read His Book. I emphasize the importance of reading and studying the Bible in our ministry. In our Approaches to Bible Study ( ABS102) FREE Course, I teach “Reading Through the Bible” as a stand-alone approach in a separate lesson. In fact, there was just so much to teach that I could not complete it in one class! The lesson PDF and Video recording are now uploaded online and available FREE. These are resources God is putting in your hands. Our generation is blessed with amenities and opportunities that believers of old could only dream of. And to him much is given, much will be required!


Do you ever seek out the Book of the LORD to read to find answers to some questions you are having?


May the Lord open your understanding and give you a willing heart to make reading His Book a top priority in your life. Develop a habit to seek out the scriptures and read what He says. Our FREE Course is ongoing. Learn the skills to do this effectively.


Ask the Father to help you make Bible reading a priority and a regular part of your life. 

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