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Satan wants to sift us like wheat and remove everything of value

And the Lord said, Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat (Luke 22:31, KJV)

Just before Jesus went to the cross, He revealed to Peter what  had been going on about him in secret, which he had no idea about. He did not know Satan was preparing to attack him and shift him like wheat. Many of you probably know what means to sift wheat or flour is. The purpose is to separate what is edible and of value from the chaff. Satan wanted to sift Peter, remove everything of value in his life and leave him full of useless chaff. 

Why did Satan specifically desire Peter at that time? If you fast forward and read the critical role Peter played in the establishment of the early Church, then you will quickly understand why Satan made Peter His prime target. How did Satan attack Peter? It is not as many of you might probably be thinking. Peter did not have a demonic attack in his dream, or had had demons come fight with him or try to oppress him in any way. The event Jesus was specifically referring to was Peter’s denial of Jesus  and the inner battles he will struggle with.

If Satan had succeeded, Peter would have denied Jesus, went into depression and probably left the ministry at the least or at the most commit suicide like Judas. The emotional pain, disgrace and shame that followed his failure would have wrecked his life. Maybe in today’s culture, he would have abandoned the ministry and started drinking alcohol heavily, using drugs or similar modern methods to “numb emotional pain”.

By the grace of God, Satan did not succeed to sift Peter. Peter is gone to glory. You are now on the scene. Do you know Satan sees what the Lord has planned for your life? Some of you are facing all sorts of problems, and you do not know it is because of the destiny you carry. There are some of you reading this devotional that Satan wants to sift you using sexual immorality. Others, he will plan to use alcohol, drugs, friends, partying, “enjoying life”, or whatever your weakness is. He is waiting for you just to make that mistake, just one time and your life will never be the same again. Be sober. Be vigilant. The adversary is moving around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour.


If the Lord had not said it in the verse above, could you have believed that Satan will have anything to do with Peter’s denial of Jesus and the subsequent emotional struggles?


The Lord is saying to you what He said to Peter today: Satan wants to sift you like wheat and leave your life with the chaff. He might not need two chances. It may only take one time in bed with that girl or man as mentioned above and your life will never be the same again.  Be careful brethren. We need the Holy Spirit every single day to help us. Stick to the Lord and be sober. Do not give Satan any chances.


Ask the Spirit to help you not to offer the precious things in your life to the enemy to sift like wheat. 

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