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New creation in Christ-see the real you

Therefore from now on we recognize no one according to the flesh; even though we have known Christ according to the flesh, yet now we know Him in this way no longer ( NAS 5:16)

The new creation in Christ is the glory of Christianity. God has recreated man, similar to the creation in Genesis 1:26. The scripture above tells us why we may find it hard to assimilate this truth- we continue to see things outwardly. I find that many believers have this truth in their heads as though it is a spiritual assumption. You are a new creation in Christ-for real.

Our outward appearance and the struggles we still have within our souls can blur our eyes from seeing who we really are. This is seeing according to the flesh. If only your soul and body could be taken away, so that you can look into your spirit man, then you will see how beautiful you really are inside. If not of the outward man, all of us will glow like Jesus is right now, because as He is, so our newly created spirits are, right here and now. Stop seeing yourself according to the flesh-that is, naturally.  The new creation in Christ shines with the very brightness of God’s glory on the earth. When Jesus will return and this physical body is removed and replaced with our real spiritual bodies, then we will glow in the heavens like the stars of heaven. You do not need to wait until then to believe God. He says you are a new creation right now. You do not have a spiritual past; you are new! Old things are passed away! Your present life started the day you got born again. Live today with this reality fixed in your mind.

MEDITATE-new creation in Christ

This is one of those truths in the scripture that must be buried right deep inside of you, such that no circumstance, failure, or human being can talk you out of it. You are a new creation.  You are not trying to be. Meditate upon this word.


Ask the Father to help you see who you truly are. To God, we do not know it until we have experienced it. We want to know it and see it radically transform our life, otherwise, it is still in our heads. Ask the Spirit to help you move from memorizing the new creation in Christ to living in its full reality.


Act on the knowledge of God’s Word. Do not say you are a new creation and act like the old creation. James says this is like seeing your face in the mirror and forgetting how you look like once you go away( James 1:23-24). Bring the reality home by faith. The new creation is not anxious for anything.  It lives by faith and not by sight. It is the very righteousness of God. By the stripes of Christ, this new creation overcomes disease. The list continues-the Bible is full of who this new creature is. If you look at how you feel, think or look, you will miss this. You look in the Word, see how you are, act it out and start seeing results! Do not wait to feel “new creation” before you start acting it out. You live by faith, not by sight! As you act it out, your outward life becomes conformed to the new life inside!

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