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My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge (Hos. 4:6 KJV).

My People are Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge showing the word knowledge and a key

The truth revealed in the verse above should undoubtedly catch your attention. God says His people, me and you, are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Knowledge?  We would have expected Him to say His people are destroyed because of the lack of other things such as holiness, prayer, etc. He says we are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

The word “knowledge” will immediately bring in the idea of academics to many of us. We have been trained to always associate knowledge with academics. The knowledge the Lord is referring to above is not intellectual knowledge. It is not scientific knowledge. It is not mere intellectual theological knowledge. It is the experiential knowledge of God.

Knowledge is critical in the realm of the spirit. It is a medium of spiritual transfer, experience, and connection. We see and appropriate the realm of God through knowledge, or spiritual eyes. What you do not know in God, you do not experience.

Spiritual ignorance is costly. The scripture says the Word of Christ should dwell richly in you( Col 3:16). His knowledge that comes to us in the Word should fill your heart and your life. It will open your eyes to see God and bring you to an experience of His divine being. Knowledge connects us to supernatural resources, and spiritual ignorance disconnects us practically from heavenly supplies. What this means is that revelation is a key that gives you access to heavenly treasures. The absence of the knowledge of God is an invitation to suffering and destruction in our lives.


How did sin come into the world? ( Gen. 3:5-7). How was this knowledge different from a mere intellectual knowledge of sin?


You experience of God hangs on your experiential knowledge of His Word abiding in you. If you are sick, the knowledge of God will bring you to an experience of healing. If you are depressed, the knowledge of God will bring you into an experience of the joy of the Lord. His knowledge produces an experience. Crave the Word and let it dwell richly in you, for your own good!


Ask the Spirit to help you develop a healthy and strong desire for the Word of God.

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