Let Us Hear the Conclusion of the Whole Matter

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13 KJV)

Solomon, the wise and wealthy king of Israel, invites us to share his conclusion about life in his last words of Ecclesiastes. He instructs us to fear God and keep His commandments because it is the whole duty of human beings.
This conclusion derives from Solomon’s turbulent life experiences and careful observations of human affairs. God lavished wisdom and wealth upon him, so much so that the visiting Queen Sheba became breathless and frozen when she saw the prosperity of Solomon. However, Solomon’s heart turned away from God in his old age. After much reflection of both sides of life, in and out of God’s will, the wise man concluded that fearing God—and keeping His commandments, is the best choice for us.
Solomon’s experience, observations, and conclusion fully apply to us today. To Solomon, fearing God and obeying His commandments is better than wisdom, power, wealth, glory, and pleasure. Therefore, after all the usual busyness of Christian life, Church activities, ministry, and others, the conclusion is that we should fear God and keep His commandments. And this is especially true in these perilous times we live in, where people want to redefine God and what He should say and not say.
Solomon says this is the whole duty of man: fear God and keep His commandments.


Ponder on the verse above; say it to yourself, and think about how it applies to you.

Apply the Word

We can learn Solomon’s lesson without going through His experience. Do not desert God to experience the world’s emptiness and come to the same conclusions as Solomon did. Solomon has seen and done it all; he had the best of what any man on earth could wish for. Yet, this is His advice: fear God and keep His commandments.


Ask the Father to help you fear Him and always keep His commandments.

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