Faith mimics part 1-Looks like faith but it’s not

Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. (Jas. 2:17 )

Faith is pivotal for a victorious christian life. Many times, we can call “something” faith , when God does not call it faith. That implies we might be  living in “something” we think we are living in faith, and get surprised when we do not see the results that faith supposedly has to deliver.

For practical purposes, faith is the ACTIONS you take based on what you have BELIEVED in God’s Word. Those two words-actions and believed, are important, and must go together.

The first of these “faith mimics” we should avoid today is what the Apostle James calls “Dead faith”. It  when we BELIEVE and do nothing( NO ACTIONS) that go in line with what we have believed. Many believers are simply believing and think they are walking in faith. The Bible teaches us that even devils believe: Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble. (Jas. 2:19 KJV). When you are walking in faith, it will be SEEN AND HEARD in your life. Believing for  deliverance, healing or prosperity will do nothing until you act on the Word you have believed.

It is vital we recognize that believing is not faith. It is the foundation of faith. There is no faith without the heart first believing, and believing without acting is dead faith. Jesus met a man with a paralyzed hand one day and commanded the man to stretch forth his hand. That was a command for him to ACT, and release his faith. Some of you today will receive a commandment of the Lord to do something. Now you know why!  Just do what He says, otherwise you might spend your life still “believing” and never seeing any results.

The devotional for tomorrow will deal with another closely related faith mimic-which I call “empty faith”. It is doing what faith does without believing in the heart. Look out for this devotional!


Meditate on the scripture above. Are you believing God’s Word or walking in faith?


Ask the Spirit of the Lord to show you the areas in your life that you may be thinking you are “walking in  faith” whereas you are truly not.


This is what is called faith! Do the Word! Believing and not doing what the Word says or acting in line with what we have believed is deceiving ourselves, because it will not produce any results. Let your faith is heard in your speech today and seen in your actions.

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