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november, 2017

30nov7:30 PM8:15 PMEvent OverLive Bible Study 5:Falling from Grace: What does it mean? Could this be happening to you?

Why so much struggles in Christianity


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Is christianity a spiritual  scam or it is real?

Well, if you have been  a christian for any length of time, it is very likely that this question(or similar)  might have crossed your mind at some point in time.If it did not, then you had an excellent spiritual upbringing and you should be thankful for that. But for many of us, it was a try and error, a struggle for spiritual survival talk less of thriving. Why is the christian life so tough? Be clear that I am not talking about adversities that come our way  which is because of our faith, called persecutions. Satan will come against us in many ways because of our faith but this is a completely different issue.I am talking about producing the results in christianity that God says we should have. What about something as basic as joy? Why are so many christians struggling with the lack of joy and even depression? Why is it almost impossible for some to walk in faith?

Our next Online Live Bible Study scheduled to take place Thursday  November 30th at 7:30PM CST(GMT-6h)  will be dealing with a topic that has huge practical implications for our daily christian life. The topic is  “Why are so many christians struggling, frustrated and sometimes disappointed with their spiritual lives?“. We have been told we  are the light of the world and so we should shine. Light represents our good works for others to see such as love, joy, patience, kindness, righteousness, etc. And there are many  out there struggling  to shine but there is one problem. How can a lamp burn and shine without oil? Or in modern day terms “how can a light bulb light up without electricity?”  This is where so many believers are found. They are struggling to shine but there is no oil. It is as though they are trying to drive a car on an empty gas tank. They want to love people, but find out it is so hard and frustrating to do so. They want to believe God but fear, doubts and unbelief are always taking them hostage.

This will be such an important LIVE Bible study that you will not want to miss. It will be a live Facebook Event on our Facebook Page. We are working on going Live also on our Youtube channel  but this is not yet confirmed.


(Thursday) 7:30 PM - 8:15 PM CST



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