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Before Abraham Was, I am

Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am (Jn. 8:58 KJV)

You will immediately notice there is a grammatical problem with the title above “Before Abraham was, I am.” We would have expected Jesus to say “before Abraham was, I was already existing” or something similar. However, there is a profound truth revealed in the verse above. The clue to the intensity of the statement is seen in the response of the Jews to the words of Jesus. As soon as they heard those words, they took up stones to kill Jesus ( v59). They had understood what Jesus meant and they could not handle it.

Let us examine the two words “was” and “am”. In English, they might appear to be similar but the difference is clearer in the Greek. They are two very different verbs. The verb “was”  used for Abraham means Abraham was brought into being. He  had a definite beginning. However, the  phrase “ I am” means before Abraham was, I Jesus, exist. The meaning, therefore, is not that  Jesus came into existence before Abraham but that He never came into being in the first place but has always been existing before Abraham had a being. He was simply saying He is the self-existing One, the eternal God that has no beginning and no end. He is saying that He is the I AM that I AM of the Old Testament that met with Moses( Exo. 3:14). The Jews, therefore, took up stones to kill Him.

Jesus is God revealed in the flesh. He is the eternal One. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!


Who gives existence to creation? ( See Acts. 17:28, Heb 1:3)


Our God is the self-existing God, and the Keeper of all existence. He has the breadth of humans on the earth, whether they know Him or not. You are in safe hands because this is the same God that is your Father. You should rest and trust in Him.


Praise the Lord for caring for us though He is so high and lifted up above us. 

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