Be Careful not to Do This….

A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man holds it in check (Proverbs 29:11, HCSB)

The book of Proverbs is indeed practical wisdom for our daily living. It says above that “a fool gives full vent to his anger.” That is, the Lord is saying to us that when we allow our anger to express itself without any restraints fully, we are acting foolishly. The next part of the verse tells us that a wise man can put a check on his anger.

But why does the Lord call the man who gives full vent to his anger a fool? It is not an insult. It is just a description of what the state of that person is by virtue of his or her actions. Anger unrestrained is like fire in a house. It burns down everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly! There are people who have lost a God-sent marriage partner because of 5 seconds of uncontrolled anger. There are others who have even destroyed their marriages, lost other relationships, crumbled businesses,  lost jobs, ruined opportunities, deeply hurt their children or friends, etc.  just because they allowed their anger to do whatever it wanted to do.

Bad temper is not cool. It is foolishness in God’s sight, and it will prove to be so in our own sight after it has completed its job. We need the grace of self-control. The number of people or things around us that are begging to provoke our anger seem to be multiplying daily. However, the Spirit’s grace to master our anger and refuse to allow it to ruin our lives is also increasing. Choose not to be a fool in God’s sight. Be wise and master your anger.


Why does the Lord call the one who gives full vent to his anger a fool? When was the last time you behaved like the fool in this verse? How did it turn out? I can think of my last rage of foolishness and how it turned out. It was not good for me either.


Let the Spirit have His way. Yield to the Spirit even when your anger is pleading to give it “just a little chance.” Ever heard those who say, “I will take away my coat of Christianity for a few minutes and teach you a lesson?”. Well, they end up learning a lesson! Be wise and cultivate self-control.


Pray that the Spirit of the Lord to help us develop self-control despite the many challenges we face daily. 

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