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Accepted in the Beloved at all times

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved. (Eph. 1:6 KJV)

Acceptance is a gift that brings healing like nothing else, especially when we fail like Peter who denied Christ. It is the primer that invites us into the abundance of God’s grace. You can be sure that in these days of grace that we live in, He will not turn away any sinner that comes to Him. John 3:16 tells us that “God so loved the world”.  The world does not deserve love but judgment, in our own eyes. Love for a sinner seems to be a “little off”. This is acceptance. It is God’s unconditional love.

His acceptance does not change after we become His children. As God’s children, we are no longer called “sinners” but saints, because He has made us the very righteousness of God. Even as saints, we still sometimes commit sin or fail miserably. God will never reject us because of what we have done. This is the gift of acceptance. You can always come to Him, no matter how far you have gone. Acceptance is a healing balm to our hearts broken by sin, failure or weaknesses. It creates an atmosphere for us to be healed and restored. Acceptance does not say “what you did is OK” but rather that God will not reject you because of what you did.

You are accepted in the Beloved today. Do not let anything in the far or recent past keep you weighed down. Take it to Father for helming and restoration.


Think on the verse above very carefully. You have been accepted in the Beloved. God has loved us, despite our weaknesses, failures, and sins.


Ask the Father to open your understanding to know the unconditional love of God in Christ for us.


Acceptance will remove fear from your relationship with God. It will draw you closer to God. In those very vulnerable moments after you have failed, like Peter after denying Christ, you remember that He will not reject you. He still calls you His own. Acceptance creates the avenue for you to come to God to be restored and healed. Judas sinned and hanged himself. Peter denied Jesus but still came to Him. Do not turn away from God when you blow it up. Rather, run to Him for healing and restoration. Acceptance in the Beloved is the open arms of grace to welcome us home at any time.

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