Abundantly Satisfied with the Fatness of Thy House

They shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the river of thy pleasures  (Ps. 36:8 KJV)

Abundantly satisfied with fatness in God's house image showing a buffet table

The believer in Christ is the fulfillment of the verse above. No Old Testament saint experienced the glorious things described in this verse. The LORD says you are to be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of His House. What does this mean?

The word “satisfied”  as used above describes the refreshing state that a thirsty person gets after drinking water until their thirst is completely satisfied.The same is true of the quenching of our hunger with food. Thirst at the very basic level represents human needs. A thirty man is a man in need of water.We have different dimensions of needs. The sinner is thirsty for forgiveness. The man dead in his sins is thirsty for life. The one that is in bondage to anything is thirsty for freedom. The sick person is thirsty for healing. The depressed and sorrowful man is thirsty for joy. The restless and anxious is thirsty for peace. Do you see the pattern?

The LORD says you are to be abundantly satisfied with the fatness( rich food) of His house! God will meet every single need, spiritual or natural, over and beyond! Your life is abundantly furnished with all the beauties of heaven.Praise the LORD for our wonderful Savior!


Who is the Bread from Heaven that satisfies dead men and women with the life of God? ( John 6:35). Declare that “the LORD is abundantly supplying every one of my needs, spiritual or physical until I overflow with provisions from heaven!”


The thirst in your spirit was forever quenched the day Christ, the Bread of life, came into your heart. However, you continue to thirst in a different dimension in your daily practical  Christian walk. What are you currently in need of? Are you bound by something in life and crying out for freedom? God has commanded an abundance to meet all your need is Christ! Stretch your faith and receive!


Thank the LORD for His abundance in Christ Jesus.

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